Construction is complete on Brooks Wilson’s art studio and gallery located near Langley, OK in the South Grand Lake area.

Growing up in Big Cabin and now living in Langley, Brooks is a second-generation woodcarver. When he was younger, he was involved with the family business, Wilson’s Decoys, which was established by his parents, Michael and Sylvia Wilson in 1978. For many years, they had a space at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, and traveled all over the United States doing art shows.

After Michael’s death in 1994, Brooks chose to continue the family business with Wilson’s Decoys and spent many years displaying his creations at art shows across the United States. During that time period, he continued to work full-time in construction, which left him little time to create, and he ultimately decided to take a much-needed hiatus.

In 2020, Brooks returned to his artistic roots with waterfowl and songbird woodcarvings. His creative spark was reignited as he began to explore new mediums, including watercolor paintings and acrylic paintings.

After experiencing some health challenges in 2021 and with strong encouragement from his wife, Shelly, Brooks opted to retire from construction and pursue his art full-time. He envisioned his dream studio shortly before Christmas 2022 and immediately began construction on it himself.

Attention to detail was given in every aspect of the space, much like his woodcarvings and paintings. Brooks lovingly refers to his studio as his “happy painting place,” and he looks forward to painting in it every day that he is not in the woodshop carving. He playfully remarked as he gazed out the window watching the birds that there is one thing he would have done differently to which the inquiry was made, “And what is that?” He smiled and joyfully stated, “Nothing. There is nothing I would change. Everything is perfect.”

As a lifelong artist, Brooks believes art is meant to be fun rather than feel like a tedious chore. He is now choosing to pursue his passions and to create the art that brings him joy. In addition to woodcarvings and original paintings, fine art prints and note cards are available. 

The studio is open by appointment and when indicated on social media. Please call or text 918-924-6747 before visiting to make sure Brooks is available. An open studio event will be held the weekend of October 7-8, 2023.

Brooks’ mother and sister, Sylvia and Blakeley Wilson, are well-known contemporary folk artists and have Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Company in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Visit Blakeley and Sylvia’s store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and online