Lifelong artist Brooks Wilson is returning to his creative roots with realistic wildlife art in a new artistic medium. Growing up in Big Cabin and now living in Langley, Brooks is a second-generation woodcarver, who has transitioned from woodcarvings to watercolor paintings. When he was younger, he was involved with the family business, Wilson’s Decoys, which was established by his parents, Michael and Sylvia Wilson in 1978. For many years, they had a space at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, and traveled all over the United States doing art shows.

After Michael’s death in 1994, Brooks chose to continue the family business with Wilson’s Decoys and spent many years displaying his work at art shows across the United States, including War Eagle and Country Peddler Shows, as well as various local holiday fairs.

Taking a much-needed hiatus, Brooks has once again decided to pursue his passion on his own terms by creating the art that he chooses to create. Initially, Brooks’ medium primarily involved wood and wildlife carvings. His creative spark has been reignited in 2020, and he is now exploring new aspects of art, including watercolor paintings and pencil sketches. Brooks believes art is meant to be fun rather than feel like a tedious chore, and he is choosing to create the art that brings him joy.

In addition to woodcarvings and original watercolor paintings, high-quality fine art prints, canvas prints and note cards are now available. Items available for purchase will be listed on the store page.

Brooks’ mother and sister, Sylvia and Blakeley Wilson, are well-known contemporary folk artists and have Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Co. in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Locally, Brooks’ art can be found at The Sky Gallery at 1401 E. 11th St in Tulsa, OK. 

Visit Blakeley and Sylvia’s store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and online